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Restaurant of the Month

We will try to review at least one restaurant/food truck/food cart per month.

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  1. December 31, 2013 7:41 pm

    The Eugene Foodies group on Facebook has been raving about Chow for a while and we finally go around to check it out. Chow is in Springfield, Eugene’s sister city. For all you Simpson’s fans, yes, this is THE Springfield. Ironically Chow is attached to Moe’s pub where you can get Chow’s gastropub menu served to you. The Simpson’s Moe’s would never be so cool. I always wonder when a place calls themselves “gastropub” but in this case it works. The food is different than your normal pubby fare and we wanted to try everything. We had the Helfrich burger (1/2 lb burger made with local beef, brown sugar cured bacon, swiss, pepper jack,and pimento cheese, stuffed with crunchy chips) and the BLSDT (brown sugar cured bacon, arugula, iceberg lettuce, sun dried tomato pesto, piggy mayo). We also had the Parmesan tots that were great, but a little bummed they were out of the truffle oil and sea salt tots. Next time! Homer would be pleased and moaning…”bacon!”

    Chow on Urbanspoon

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